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I am having trouble with this Java program I am not really surehow to start it here is what I have to do

ABC Used Cars

Part 1.

ABC Used Cars needs a report.

They have several different lots that they sell from. The lotsare identified by the 5 digit zip code at the beginning of eachrecord.

They would like a report that lists all cars sold from alllots.

They would like the report to list 30 cars per page, on thereport. Each page is to have headings and a page number.

Part 2.

ABC Used Cars needs another report.

They would like a report listing all the used cars sold from allthe lots. They would like the list sorted by make. (Ford, Chev.,etc)

Part 3.

ABC Used Cars needs another report.

They would like a report listing all the used cars sold from allthe lots. They would like the list sorted by make. (Ford, Chev.,etc)

ABC would like to separate each grouping of each make with aline that indicates how many cars of that make there were, plus 1blank line.

Part 4.

ABC Used Cars needs another report.

They would like a report that lists all used cars sold from allthe lots. They would like the list sorted by Make withinSatisfaction rating.

They would like to have the report accumulate a total value ofthe cars sold within each satisfaction rating and a grand total forcars sold in all satisfaction ratings.

Part 5

ABC Used Cars would like to have an applet created to allow themto view vehicle information over the web.

Customer Name




Part 6

ABC Used Cars would like to have an applet created that createsa pie chart type graph of all the cars sold for each satisfactionrating.

here is some of the data that I need to use

Record Layout for CUSTSALE.DAT

Field Description Size Type Decimal
Zip Code 5 Numeric 0
Zip Code Extension 4 Numeric 0
Customer Number 4 Numeric 0
Customer Name 20 Character
Purchase Date 8 Numeric 0
Make 20 Character
Purchase Price 7 Numeric 2
Year of Vehicle 4 Numeric 0
Filler 3 Character
Satisfaction rating 1 Character

and finally this is the other data that i have to use and thedata can’t be modified in any way so the white space that is therehas to stay there and can’t be removed.

4641012341001ALBERT, CARL T. 08252001FORD 02550001991 24630712011003ANDREWS, ROBERT 08262001CHEVROLET 07000001958 04642323111008ANZIO, RAFELINO 09012001CHEVROLET 04560501978 04642401211010ASHLEY, WILLIAM B. 09022001PIERCE-ARROW 12400001932 24637531101015ATKINSON, MARK 08272001STUDEBAKER 00500001958 14640512911025AVERY, ALFRED A. 08292001HUDSON 02300001954 14630112341031BEZZMEK, JENNIFER 08272001FORD 04550001995 24630312011033BLAKE, DONALD 08292001FORD 07220501989 14641323111041BLONDELL, BONNIE 09042001CHEVROLET 03560501988 14640401211045BONADIO, JAMES 09032001PIERCE-ARROW 11500001935 24630731101055BUCKO, ONIEDA 08282001STUDEBAKER 02450001964 14641012911056BYMANN, FREDRICK 08292001FORD 03300001994 14634212341061CALBERT, RONALD 09052001FORD 03550001993 24630712111063CHELSEA, MARTHA S. 08302001DODGE BROS. 03500001935 04641023111067CLAFLIN, WAYNE R. 09012001CHEVROLET 04560501990 24641001211070COLE, CHARLES C. 09022001PIERCE-ARROW 10500001929 24630531111075COLEMAN, THOMAS 08272001STUDEBAKER 01670501961 14641012211076COLWELL, RICHARD L. 08292001HUDSON 04300001940 14641412311080COOPER, JOHNATHAN 09052001FORD 12560001996 24630712012002COREY, SARAH D. 08272001CHEVROLET 06500501994 04642123112004CRACKLIN, GOODMAN 09012001CHEVROLET 14560501996 04632301212011CRAWFORD, TIMOTHY 09012001PIERCE-ARROW 10400001931 24631531102012CURRIE, RAYMOND 08282001STUDEBAKER 01500251956 14642512912024CYBORG, IZORE M. 09052001HUDSON 01300001949 14641012342031DALTON, DAVID P. 08252001FORD 02340001990 24630712012043DAVIES, RALPH O. 08262001CHEVROLET 03330001989 04642323112048DENNICK, DONNA 09012001CHEVROLET 06560251995 04642401212050DERBIN, DEANNA 09022001PIERCE-ARROW 16400251937 24637531102065DONNEHUE, PHILLIP 09042001STUDEBAKER 00540001966 14640512912085DOPPLER, RADAR O. 08302001HUDSON 03110001951 14631012342091DUNLOP, RITA 08252001FORD 14500451996 24630312013003DYKES, CYNTHIA 08262001FORD 04100501987 14641323113011EATON, ESTER B. 09012001CHEVROLET 13560501996 04640401213015EFFLEY, BAILY 09022001PIERCE-ARROW 14460451933 24630731103025EGGERTON, AMANDA 08292001STUDEBAKER 03350001965 14641012913026EPPLEY, DAVID 08282001FORD 04140001995 14634212343031ERKLE, ROSA 09032001FORD 03550201993 24630712113043FARNSWORTH, WESLEY 09052001DODGE BROS. 11500001996 04641023113047FLANNERY, JAMES 09012001CHEVROLET 04500501992 04641001213050FOREMAN, OTTO J. 09022001PIERCE-ARROW 09400001927 24630531113055FOWLER, KATHLEEN 08272001STUDEBAKER 02670501964 14641012213056FURNACE, DAVID 08292001HUDSON 05300001948 14641412313061GALLAGHER, CLARENCE 09042001FORD 10060001992 24630712013062GENNERRO, TONY S. 08302001CHEVROLET 03200501989 04642123113066GOEBEL, NANCY K. 09022001CHEVROLET 06430501990 04632301213072GUNTHER, FREDERICK 09032001PIERCE-ARROW 12600001930 24631531103080HAINES, MARSHALL 08292001STUDEBAKER 02500251959 14642512913094HANCOCK, JONATHON 09032001HUDSON 03300001953 14642323113098HARTNETT, ROBERTO 09052001CHEVROLET 03260401988 04642401214005HENNING, SONIA 09052001PIERCE-ARROW 13050001928 24637531104009HORNSBY, ROGERS 08252001STUDEBAKER 01675001962 14640512914012HYATT, JANET F. 08302001HUDSON 01550001951 14630112344021IDZIOR, RAYMOND 09012001FORD 14600001996 24630312014022JENNINGS, WILLIAM 08262001FORD 06120401992 14641023114024JOHNSON, JACK 09032001CHEVROLET 02560501985 04640401214032KULKA, ROBERT C. 09042001PIERCE-ARROW 09700001934 24630731104035KURTZ, DONALD 08302001STUDEBAKER 03450001966 14641012914038LEVANDOWSKI, JILL 08282001DODGE BROS. 04300001988 14634212344044METZ, ARNOLD E. 09012001FORD 13230001996 24630712114046NORRIS, CHARLES S. 09052001CHEVROLET 08440001992 04641023114047NOWAKOWSKI, ALFRED 09012001DODGE BROS. 06560501994 14641001214053O’BOYLE, NIEL 09032001PIERCE-ARROW 15500001938 24630531114056O’BRIAN, PATRICK 08302001STUDEBAKER 03470501962 14641012214059PATTERSON, LENNI R. 08292001HUDSON 02500001946 14641412314061PERRY, SHAMUS 09052001FORD 08950001994 24630712014066REED, ROBERT B. 08272001CHEVROLET 07400501996 04642123114067RODRIGUEZ, ALONZO 09052001DODGE BROS. 10500501995 04632301214073SANCHEZ, HENRY 09012001PIERCE-ARROW 08300001925 24631531104081SWARTZ, HECTOR 08282001STUDEBAKER 00750251954 14630112344084TORREZ, MARTIN 08272001FORD 05650001994 24630312014090TUTTLE, MARK 08292001FORD 07100501996 14641323114094WARNER, JACK 09042001CHEVROLET 08560501996 04640401214115YACKLEY, YOURTO 09042001PIERCE-ARROW 10000001930 2

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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