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Part 1: Software Testing (6 marks):

Assume that you are building a web-based groceryshopping system (similar to the ones that

Woolworths and Coles provide). The system allows customers toadd grocery items to a (virtual)

shopping cart and pay online. They will then be notified whenthe order is ready for pick-up in the

selected store.

1. Identify one functional and one non-functional requirementrelated to that system (2 marks).

2. Describe how you would test those two requirements (2marks).

3. For the item counts in the shopping cart, describe whatequivalence classes and boundary values

you would choose when creating the corresponding unit tests (2marks).

Part 2: Project Management (Risk Management) (6marks):

Consider the scenario outlined in Part 1.

1. Identify two risks associated with the development of thatsystem (2 marks).

2. Assess their probability and severity (2 marks).

3. Provide strategies to manage the risks (2 marks).

Part 3: Project Planning (3 marks):

Image you were the project manager for the system outlined inPart 1 in an early stage of the project.

1. Identify a possible milestone together with a relateddeliverable (1 mark).

2. Describe how you would break down the milestone into at leasttwo different tasks (see table on

slide 75 of the Project Management and Planning lecture for anexample) (2 marks).

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