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  1. In order to beef up your resume, you have decided to start aside project that is bound to impress (most of) the recruiters. Youhave decided to create a video game to top all others – one with226 different characters and 339 landscapes. Knowing that theprincessNectarine class (the class in control of her character) has28 public methods and 3 constructors, how many units should betested in order to make sure the princessNectarine characterdoesn’t glitch during your showcase of the game to a recruiter?

  2. Of the 28 methods in the princessNectarine class, one of themethods you are testing allows princessNectarine to shoot lasers atanother player. This method takes in an opponent’s name as its onlyparameter and returns the power level of the opponent if theopponent is hit and null otherwise. Complete the followingtest:

    public void testShootLasers() { // construct princessNectarine princessNectarine princess = new princessNectarine(); // attack Prince Plum String opponent = “princePlum”; // this method should return a numerical value other than null // due to girl power HealthLevel opponentHealth = princess.testShootLasers(opponent); // make assertion and fill in the blank (in the space below) _________________________}

    What belongs in the blank?

  3. In order to smooth over the time it’ll take to compile each andevery character’s class, you have decided to create a Makefile todo just that. In this makefile, am I allowed to have multiplerules? (1 point)

  4. Write out the general structure of a single rule in aMakefile.


  5. Explain what the following lines do in a Makefile.

    .SUFFIXES: .java .class.java.class: javac $<YOUR ANSWER GOES HERE

  6. True or False? Only the most important units should be tested ina software system.

  7. Makefile Practice: See Makefile for details.

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