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Objectives: The testing process consumes largeamounts of data. Creating test data is a crucial part of thetesting process especially for new systems which are not in useyet.

General Instructions: Read the problemdescription below and implement this program in C++.

  • You will need to create 3 different batches of randomlygenerated test data.
  • The data you create will be stored in 3 different txtfiles.
  • Randomly create the data based on the given parameters andspecifications.

You do not have to keep the .txt files

Problem Description: A genetic scientist isconducting a variety of experiments on different species of animalsincluding rabbits, cats, and horses to trace the changes in color,length and pattern of the selected animals’ coat. The experimentsmust be repeated many times on a huge number of animals to ensureaccurate results. Usually the file size of these experimentsinclude thousands of entries. Conducting this type of experimentsis time consuming, and as a result the scientist has not conductedenough experiments nor collected enough data yet. The scientistaims to hire a computer programmer to automate the experiments.Your task is to write a C++ program to automate these experiments.The major challenge, for you as a programmer, is the lack of theactual data. Due to lack of data, you were asked to create somedata to be used for the experiment.

First, you need to create data about rabbit coats and save thisdata in a separate txt file. Rabbit coats have many properties, butwe will only focus on the following 5 properties:

  • A: Agouti hair shaft pattern
  • B: Black (or chocolate)
  • C: Complete color
  • D: Dense color
  • E: Extension of color

The different options for these properties are denoted byuppercase and lowercase letters. So for example a rabbit mighthave: AaBBCcddEE as its genetic code. The uppercase letters areused for dominant genes while the lowercase letters represent therecessive genes. If the first letter is recessive, the secondletter cannot represent a dominant gene. You need to create 1000entries for this dataset.

Second, you need to create data about cat coats and save thisdata in a separate txt file. The data about this type of coats isas follows:

  • Length: Short, medium, long, or hairless. Will be representedwith 1 character (S, M, L, H)
  • Color: White, Black, Red, Blue, Cream, Brown, Cinnamon. Will berepresented with 2 characters (WH, BA, RE, BU, CR, BR, CI)
  • Pattern: Solid, Tabby, Bicolor, Calico(tricolor),tortoiseshell, colorpoint. Will be represented with 2 characters(SO, TA, BC, CA, TS, CP)
  • Extra properties: Tipped, Shaded, Smoked. Will be representedwith 2 characters (TI, SH, SM)

So for example, a cat’s color code might be M-BA-SO-SH. For thisdataset, you will need to include the cat’s birthday with its colorcode (for example “M-BA-SO-SH    09:10:2016”). Thebirthdays can be any day in 2016. Make sure you take into accountthe number of days in a month. This dataset needs to contain 2000entries.

Lastly, you need to create one more text file that holds dataabout 3000 horses. This dataset will include the followinginformation about horses:

  • Name: All capital letters, string of random letters between 6and 14 characters.
  • Age: Random number between 2 and 10.
  • Coat color: Black, Chestnut, White, Gray, Liver, Seal brown.Will be represented with 1 character (B, C, W, G, L, S)
  • Coat pattern: Leopard, Appaloosa, Pinto. Will be representedwith 1 character (L, A, P)
  • Other markings: Leg, Facial (L, F). A horse can have one, both,or none of these markings.

So for example a horse’s data will look like:OECDTPXNLAE      2CLLF

Random data is created using the rand() function available. Youcan use the modulus operator (%) after rand, followed by a numberthat represents max, the compiler will output an integer largerthan 0 and less than max. Your code will look like int x = rand() %5; which will give you either 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. In order to makethe output of the rand function really random, we need to set theseed to null. The rand function is basically a counter thatconstantly counts from 0 to max and depending on when it’s called,it returns the integer. That is why it isn’t very useful for largemax numbers. If you output 5 rand numbers that range between 0 and100 in one function, you will get increasing numbers. In order tobe able to set the seed to null, you need to add the following tothe beginning of the main function once:

srand (time(NULL));

You also need to include a couple libraries so the compilerknows the srand, time and rand functions:

#include<stdlib.h>        //for rand

#include<time.h>         //for time

Once you have these steps complete, you should be able to callthe function mentioned above and use the rand function to generaterandom numbers which is required for this assignment.

Sample Output:

Sample Rabbit: AABbCcDdee

Sample Cat:    L-CR-SO-SH 02:11:2016

Sample Horse:SVTWJCLWT          4WLLF

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