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Here are the instructions (there are two parts for onecode):

1) The file dr_index.txt contains the text to be inserted intothe Diane’s Run home page. Go to thedr_index.txtfile and copy the text from the firstsection of the file. Then, go to the dr_index.htmlfile and paste it into the first section element.

Add the following markup to the content of the first sectionelement:

  • Mark the line What Your Support Does as an h1 heading.
  • Mark the next two paragraphs as paragraphs using the pelement.
  • Mark the four ways a contribution can help as an unorderedlist. Mark the dollar amounts of each list item using the strongelement.

2) Return to the dr_index.txt file, copy thetext from the second section. Next, go to thedr_index.html file in your HTML editor and pastethe copied text within the second section element.

Within the second section element in the dr_index.html file, addthe following:

  • Enclose the opening heading Diane’s Run – September 9,2017within a header element and marked as an h1 heading.Directly above this heading, insert the inline image filedr_photo1.png with Diane’s Runas the alternatetext of the image.
  • Mark the first paragraph after the header as a paragraph. Markthe text Diane’s Run in this opening paragraph using thestrongelement.
  • Mark the minor headings How to Join, History,and Remembering Diane as h2 headings. Mark the otherblocks of text as paragraphs.

Here is my code:

<!doctype html>
New Perspectives on HTML5 and CSS3, 7th Edition
Tutorial 1
Case Problem 3

Diane’s Run Home Page
Author: grace hennessy
Date: 2019-01-31

Filename: dr_index.html
<meta charset=”utf-8″>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”breast cancer, run, charity”/>
<title>Diane’s Run</title>
<link href=”dr_layout.css” rel=”stylesheet” />
<link href=”dr_base.css” rel=”stylesheet” />


<li><a href=”dr_info.html”>RaceInfo</a><li>
<li><a href=”dr_faq.html”>FAQ</a><li>

<h1>What Your Support Does</h1>
<p>Every 10 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.Her first reaction is fear and confusion. Support is just a phonecall or mouse click away. Our free services offer a friendly earand expert guidance to anyone dealing with this life-threateningillness.</p>
<p> By running or walking with us, you can ensure that we arethere when people need us. Here is how your contribution can help:</p>
<li> <strong>$15</strong> pays for a headscarfset, boosting the confidence of
women who have lost their hair from her breast cancer treatment.</li>

<li> <strong>$50</strong> trains a member ofour support network for a
year to help improve the care of women with breast cancer.</li>

<li> <strong>$125</strong> covers the cost ofcounselling sessions to help
women cope with the distress of their cancer treatment.</li>

<li> <strong>$250</strong> funds a hospitalinformation station
for a year so that people affected by breast cancer have easyaccess to the latest resources and help </li>
<img src=”dr_photo1.png” alt=”Diane’s Run” />
<h1>Diane’s Run- September 9, 2017</h1>

<p> Join over 2000 athletes in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for<strong> Diane’s Run</strong>
to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. The 5K and10K races
are challenging, yet attainable. You can aim for a personal bestwhile taking part to
raise money for this important charity. If you can’t run, considerwalking; joining
young and old in the fight by participating in the 1-Mile Walk forHope. </p>

<h2> How to Join </h2>

<p> You can guarantee a spot by filling out the entry formand mailing it to
<a href =”drfaq.html”> dianesrun@example.com </a>.
The $35 entry fee is tax deductible and goes directly to
important research and women in need. We keep our overhead very lowso every dollar
counts. More than 75% of the net proceeds fund screening andtreatment
programs in your communities. We welcome out-of-town visitors. Wewill
help you find accommodations during your visit. </p>

<h2> History </h2>

<p> Since its inception in 2004, Diane’s Run has grownfrom a purely local event involving
100 runners to a signature Wyoming event with more than 2000participants annually.
The event is enormously effective in spreading the message thatbreast cancer need
not be fatal if caught early enough with mammography and breastself-exam.
As well as a top-flight athletic event, Diane’s Run is anemotionally moving event
attracting many first timers and recreational runners. This eventprovides all of
us with the opportunity to spread a hopeful message about breastcancer to our families
and our communities. </p>

<h2> Remembering Diane </h2>

<p> Diane’s Run is named in remembrance of Diane Wheaton,mother of 2 and wife
of Peter, who passed away in May, 2003. Diane was an outspokenadvocate of physical
fitness and healthy living. She was an inspiration to all who knewher and continues
to be an inspiration to the thousands of runners who haveparticipated in this event.

We hope you can join us this year and become part of the Diane’sRun family.</p>

Diane’s Run – 45 Mountain Drive – Cheyenne, WY 82001.


What did I do wrong? What is the correct code?


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