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Income statements and balance sheets follow for Snap-OnIncorporated. Refer to these financial statements to answer thefollowing questions.

Snap-On Incorporated Consolidated Statements of Earnings Amounts in millions) For the fiscal year ended 2016 Net sales Cost of goods sold Gross profit Operating expenses Operating earnings before financial services 3,430.4 (1,720.8) 1,709.6 (1,054.1) 655.5 2015 3,352.8 (1,704.5) 1,648.3 (1,053.7) 594.6 Financial services revenue Financial services expenses Operating income from financial services Operating earnings Interest expense Other income (expense)-net Earnings before income taxes and equity earnings Income tax expense Earnings before equity earnings Equity earnings, net of tax Net earnings Net earnings attributable to noncontrolling interests Net earnings attributable to Snap-on Incorporated 281.4 240.3 198.7 854.2 (52.2) 0.6) 801.4 (244.3) 557.1 2.5 559.6 13.2) 170.2 764.8 (51.9) (2.4) 710.5 (221.2) 89.3 1.3 90.6 546.4 478.7 Consolidated Balance Sheets Fiscal Year End (Amounts in millions) 2016 2015

a. Compute net operating profit after tax (NOPAT) for 2016 and2015. Assume that combined federal and state statutory tax rate is37% for both fiscal years.

b. Compute net operating assets (NOA) for 2016 and 2015.

c. Compute return on net operating assets (RNOA) for 2016 and2015. Comment on the year-over-year change. Net operating assetsare $3,011.7 million in 2014.

d. Disaggregate RNOA into profitability and asset turnovercomponents (NOPM and NOAT, respectively). Remember to include bothnet sales and financial services revenue in total revenue. Whatexplains the year-over-year change in RNOA?


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