(Solved) : Batman Superman Going Meet Dinner Riddler S Italian Restaurant Batman Excited Purchased Br Q26729747 . . .

Batman and Superman were going to meet for dinner at TheRiddler’s Italian Restaurant. Batman was very excited because hejust purchased a brand new Batmobile. He parked his Batmobile inthe self-service park-and-lock lot of Penguin Parking Lot, Inc. Theticket that he received from the ticket meter stated the following:“NOTICE. THIS CONTRACT LIMITS OUR LIABILITY. READ IT. WE RENT SPACEONLY. NO BAILMENT IS CREATED.” Batman parked the Batmobile himselfand kept the bat keys. There was no attendant at the lot. Two hourslater, Batman left the restaurant and was heading back to theparking lot when he saw Wonder Woman. They started talking aboutthe upcoming Hall of Justice party. Thirty minutes later, Batmanwent to the parking lot and discovered that his Batmobile had beenstolen. Batman sued Penguin Parking Lot on the theory that it hadbreached its duty as a bailee. Was there a bailment?


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